Baby Room Rugs - 5 Tips For New Parents

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Baby room rugs are more important than you may think. Unless you are a huge interior design maniac, you should choose a rug for longer than one season. It means that the rug is going to go through a few phases of your child’s development: crawling, playing, potty training… How to choose the one that can survive all of these and - at the same time - gives you an excellent experience?


All baby room rug should be soft, but surprisingly, it is not always true. That is why you may need to shop for the carpet offline. There is no better solution than touching the rug of your choice. It’s crucial to guarantee that the rug that you decide for your infant’s room is soft and comfortable. Improper material may chafe your baby’s hands and feet.


Rugs made of wool are great for your baby’s experiences, even if the little one is hypersensitive. Also, those are quite simple to clean. Nylon is another decision - it would probably be cheaper, but not that soft and may be harder to clean.


Best baby room rugs are bright rugs. I know cleaning them might be burdensome. But bright, brilliant color intrigue infants and stimulate them.


I can guess that your baby’s room has got a theme, or it will have. Right? If not, check out my ideas for baby girl room and baby boy room themes! Carpet should be an integral element of the chosen design. Unicorn field? Pink rug with silvery reflections. Pirate ship? Ocean blue or white-blue stripes.


The main rug is supposed to be placed next to the nursery station. But you can put rugs at different parts of your baby’s nursery and as well - in other parts of the house. Everywhere your baby will crawl! Taking naps in a living room? Have a rug for a baby there as well.

Picking the baby room rug and designing the baby chamber is one thing; another is keeping it tidy! If you’re afraid that having a baby (and all of the baby stuff) is going to bring chaos to your life - grab my How to create order in your child’s room guide. I have the perfect Box System figured out that helps you keep everything tidy. And the best part is - I can tell you how to teach your baby to love the right order too!.

Susan Urban