Girl's Room Ideas

Girls room ideas are mostly cute and princess-themed. You know that myth that girl’s room needs to be pink? Let’s get creative and think of some alternatives! Maybe add some more colors or stay with white paint with golden elements? Here are some ideas to consider.

Pink room

Even if you’d like a pink room for a girl, it doesn’t have to be a prince castle! I can think of a few more exciting, pink, ideas. Maybe your little girl can live with a few dozen of flamingoes? Or with a unicorn on the wall? Those animals are popular in child’s design so you won’t have a problem with decorating.

If you prefer nature than animals - you can paint the whole wall with pink flowers. But think more of a cherry tree than roses.

Cat Lover

If you are a cat lover, there is a huge chance your little girl will also grow up to be one. You can arrange the room with cat theme: use wall stickers and cat-shaped pillows. Even the crib can have cat ears on one side and the tail on the other. Isn’t it a purrfect idea?

And yes – you can do the same with dogs!

Fairy room

Girls room ideas need to a fairytale theme! Let’s prepare a place out of a fairytale, but with no pink – just white and gold. Paint few little flying fairies on the walls, add cloud-shaped cushions and baby crib with a canopy with stars on it. Think of some delicate lightening and your room is ready. Every little dreamer would be happy here. And gold fairy dust on walls will look very classy.

When the room is done, the only thing missing is ‚How to create order in your child’s room’ guide! With the special box system, the room will always be tidy, and you will be calm and happy. Don’t hesitate; the method is easier to apply when you plan it right away while planning storage space in your child’s room.

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Susan Urban

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