Pacifier Weaning Cold Turkey - How it Works?

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Pacifier weaning cold turkey style is the method designed for children all age. Although it may seem stressful - both for you and the baby, it gained popularity due to fast results.

When to start?

Whether you decide for pacifier weaning cold turkey or going gradually - make sure your timing is right. It is vital that you - as a family - can focus on the weaning. No other significant changes at the time! No changing room, traveling or other events distracting the baby from the routine.

How to do it?

Once you’ve decided to ditch the pacifier, make sure you are all on board and ready to stay consistent, especially with the cold turkey method. Do you know what the best option is? Throw away all pacifiers! It very important that your baby cannot find even one binky around. Not in the baby room, not in a car, not at grandma’s place! Also, prepare for a few hard days and night. Preferably start on the weekend, to make sure you have a lot of time for your distressed little one.

What if I don’t like it?

If you find the method too radical, find another method. You don’t have to use the technique if you don’t see it reliable. I can recommend purchasing my How to help your child give up the pacifier guide. There are several more methods to choose from I write about. Depending on age, your baby’s character and the amount of time that you’re having, you can find an alternative you like most.

Pacifier weaning cold turkey if an effective method but demanding one. If may go smoothly with a little one, especially after sleep training (check my HWL method here) but it may be harder with a toddler. Always remember your baby trusts you and you should be comfortable with the way of choice.

Susan Urban