Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

There are plenty of boy’s bedroom ideas to adapt! It doesn’t matter if you are just expecting and planning how to prepare a room for a baby (congratulations!) or thinking about remodeling from newborn’s room to boy’s room. Although the older your son is, the more of his interest, you can tell. Anyway - boy’s bedroom ideas are just crazy not to execute!


Classic - blue for boys

Especially if you’re expecting - blue room would be a safe but cute choice. In a place with blue as leading color, you can have sky-themed decorations. I would suggest one „day” wall with clouds on it and the other „night” wall - dark blue with a lot of stars. The other idea for a color-themed room is a zoo with blue animals: elephants or whales.

White accessories will look good in a room like this. You can also mix blue shades with gray easily.


Pirate bedroom

If you like sailing and would like to raise a little pirate - it would be a great idea for room decoration. You will need stripes or ocean theme on the wall. You can pretend that the crib or the bed is a pirate ship and install a sail above it! Plush parrot should guard that bed of course. Also, the steering wheel of any kind is welcomed!


Cars fan

Boys always love cars! So car-themed room will probably pleasure your baby very much. There are car-shaped beds, which your baby would like. But if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can always improvise and add some wheels to the regular crib. Don’t forget about the carpet with drawings of streets - always works! It’s a playground itself and will be a racetrack later.


If you want more boy’s bedroom ideas, just think of what your baby likes the most. If it is sports - you can have a football gate in a room, if animals - have a little zoo on your walls.

Whatever the idea you will follow, you will wonder - how to keep the room tidy? And here comes my ‚How to create order in your child’s room’ guide! With the special box system, you will always be happy to walk into your child’s territory.

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