Unisex Baby Names - 5 Ideas

Do you want unisex baby names ideas? Whether you know your baby’s sex or you want a surprise - you will probably want to choose a name before delivery. You can pick one for a girl and one for a boy, but you can also be open-minded and practical and… pick just one name for both sexes!

The more unusual and unique baby names get, the more likely they’ll be unisex. Now, you raise your child away from conventions so that you can have one of the unisex baby names!

How to pick a unisex baby name? Look into the sky, listen to your intuition! Most names have mythical origins, but you can find some fresh suggestions as well. Our selection: 


It is a likable and popular first name for boys, what is interesting - the various spellings from Kameron to Camron. It has also become a welcome name for girls. 


It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Blair is "plain, field." Mostly for girls, but also used for boys.

Everest or River

Nature connected names, wherever we go, it is like we’ve never changed the place for a minute. Everest should be high-test int the worlds.


Having origin within Italian architecture - popular mostly with woman, but not exclusively. Means „meeting” so for babies that tend to like other people.


Very powerful, the reliable unisex baby name! Representing nature, no secret meaning. 


Perfect name for a little mermaid but also for a boy. The meaning is „lion of god.”

Remember to pick easy unisex baby names, for kids not to have problem with spelling! Also, if you’re choosing the name, you probably need some help with preparing for delivery! I have written excellent guides about sleep training and breastfeeding - if you need those, check out my main page!

Susan Urban