Pacifier Weaning 3-year-old - a Few Methods

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Pacifier weaning 3-year-old may be a challenge! Pacifiers, soothers, dummies, binkies - are a real blessing when your baby is young. If you are lucky your baby will abandon it when the time comes, but mostly it is not fast enough, and it would be good to help them to give up this much-loved comfort item.

You will need a proven method and a lot of determination. 

If you are pacifier weaning 3-year-old the little one is attached to the pinky for a very long time. On the other hand, 3-year-old babies understand much more and are able to tell us much more. You can take advantage of this when you are trying to help them break the pacifier habit. There are several methods to choose from, and communication is vital! 

Trade Method

Try to make a good deal! Just offer your child a trade their pacifiers for something that will make them happy - a day in an amusement park, new toy or even a puppy (if you are responsibly considering one anyway!).

Fairy Method

Do you know the Pacifier Fairy exist? Let your baby believe it, especially if you’ve met the Tooth Fairy before. Just make sure they understand what is going to happen and encourage the baby to put the soother in the indicated place voluntarily.

Animal Method 

If you have a pet of any kind - blame it! A dog or a cat may cause the disappearance of the pacifier. But remember, it is kind of a „cold feet” method, not a very gentle one. 

If you need a broader description of the methods or you’d like to get to know a few more read my How to help your child give up the pacifier guide. You will surely find some solution perfect for you and your little pacifier-lover. 

Susan Urban