Baby Sleep on a Plane – How to Prepare?

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Baby sleep on a plane is not an easy task to achieve. But it is totally worth it if you want to save some time for travel or go really far. Some kids love to fly, and you would like to have one of those with you. So have to see some of you call it „eeee?!” but let’s try! 

How to make it easier? We have some ideas:

Sleep training

Have you ever start sleep training? Ability to fell soothe is very important when you expect your baby to calm down. If you want - I wrote this book for sleep training quickly. It is called How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone, and I know people are a bad influence!

Airplane bassinet

Some airline gives you the possibility to book airplane bassinet. It seems like a perfect solution, especially while sleep training, but the most important thing is your baby’s preferences. If you sooth or feed your baby to sleep when it’s very querulous, be open to solutions you try to avoid on an everyday basis, but may work in these exceptional circumstances.

Time of the day

Always choose a night flight. Depending on the plane, you should expect a jet lag form your baby’s brain. I assure you - it is very absorbing to get rid of it, even for you, so imagine the baby, not knowing what id going one! If there are no cheap flights, we will just party without morning. 


If you are sentimental, think about your firsts nights together! Have you plays some childish games? Or anything else? It is a perfect idea to recreate those tonight!

Baby sleep on the plane won’t be easy, but you can control your baby and try to save other passenger’s sanity. Always have some toys with you! And a lot of patience! 

Susan Urban