Couple Time After Baby - 5 Ideas

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Does couple time after baby even exist? Some of you might have been thinking that the baby would bring you two closer together, but now all you can think about is probably more sleep. In fact, having a baby is a stressful experience, especially for the first few months, that challenges even the best of relationships. Constant tiredness causes conflicts, and that can affect the relationship as well. It is imperative to take care of a couple time!

Have a late dinner in bed

No food in bed restriction is no longer on the map! After your baby falls asleep, order your favorite food, crawl in bed and talk like you haven’t for a long time. I don’t mean sharing information or raising baby updates. Dig deeper: have you read something interesting? Maybe you’ve had some new ideas lately? Or just name five best parties from „before the baby” era.

Binge-watch something new

Pick a new series and watch the whole season in one evening! Whatever you both like - short comedies, psychological crime, or even a cartoon. Whatever works best for you.

And if you’re afraid you won’t be well-rested after this, well - you probably won’t be anyway. One night won’t make a huge difference.

Read out loud together

Couple time after baby may be about the baby! Just make this fun. Pick a book, maybe one of my Guide in a nutshell series: Sleep training? Solid foods? Whatever you need next. The important part is reading out loud and listening to each other - this brings you closer together. After that, discuss your roles during implementation.

Have a night out

Without a baby! Book a sitter and just go out. Visit your favorite restaurant, or a place from your first date, go to the theatre or take a long walk without a stroller. Feels weird? Try to enjoy and not worry about the little one for the whole time.

Enjoy intimacy like before!

Couple time after baby should also take place in the bedroom. Your basic sexual needs haven’t changed drastically, although are probably blurred by parenthood. You enjoyed that part of your life before, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it again.

Always remember that couple time after baby is not only the planned hour without a baby. It is also a goodnight kiss in the evening or an early morning cup of coffee.

Susan Urban