Camping With Baby - 4 Tips

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Camping with a baby is a little bit more complicated but totally worth it! Showing your little one your world, what you love and find attractive is a huge value. Even if taking your child means packing twice as many stuff and stretching packing list to the maximum. How to prepare for the trip, where to go and what to pack? Here are some thoughts.

Do it now

There is no right time to go camping with baby for the first time; there is no rule for that. You know your baby best. In fact, if you are active, it is good to introduce the little one to long car rides and changing environment a lot sooner than later. Although I recommend finishing the sleep training first. Teaching baby to self soothe will help a lot. Check out my How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone book and see, especially if the baby is at least four months old.

Don’t go for deep water

For your own sanity and your baby’s safety, skip on a rafting or slackline tents for the beginning. Pick a campsite nearby, rent an RV or book lovely glamping yurt. You can also look for ranger cabins. Let yourself have enough comfort for you to take good care of your baby.

You are not alone

Unless you are, but you will probably have some camping-neighbors. And nobody wants to be the parent who’s baby is keeping everyone awake, right? Remember that this isn’t the place to insist on a strict schedule or the right time to wean the pacifier. If your baby needs comforting in the unfamiliar environment - you should do whatever it takes.

Layers, layers

Pack some extra layers if camping with a baby and control the temperature a lot. Sleeping in a tent is much different than any bedroom your baby’s organism knows. Little tramp may get cold in the evening, and layering is the best option.

Ready for camping with a baby? It will be fun, I promise! If you start now, it is only getting better every next time.

Good luck!

Susan Urban