‘Me time’ as a Mom - 8 Ideas

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Me time as a mom - possible or not?

Of course, it is. And you should definitely use that option!

Step one: ask for help. It can your partner, grandparents, or a nanny, but you should be able to have some Me Time as a mom once in a while. Let’s check your options. Maybe your mother can take care of the baby every first Friday of the month? Can your husband be back home earlier on Wednesdays? Make a plan and stick to it!

Ok, so you have 2 hours for yourself. Now what?


Read that book that you’ve wanted to finish for so long. No, not a baby book or work stuff. Grab a romance or a crime story, make a tea, and just read. No qualms!


Watch some Netflix series that your friends talk about. Can you hear the baby crying? Calm down; someone else will take care of that!


Get your nails done and feel pampered! There is nothing like having your nails done with fancy design. Even if those will not last long, the relax mode is activated.


Go to the gym! Why would you workout while Me Time as a mom? To feel good! Exercise is not only good for the body but the mind as well. You can also join regular fitness classes for more motivation.


If you’re really exhausted - book a spa! Have a massage done, sit in a sauna or a steam room, listen to that calming music and inhale aromatherapeutic oils.


Call a friend, or even better - visit a friend. Have a long talk without being bothered by a baby.


Take a long walk around the block. You think I’m crazy because it is what you do every day with a baby? It is a totally different walk without constantly looking out for the baby!


Do absolutely nothing. Sometimes you don’t need to do a thing. Sit in silence, browse the internet, visit online shops… Do things that you used to do in your free time.

Did you like the idea? I have an idea! Grab my How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone guide and have every evening for yourself, while your baby sleeps like an angel! Seriously.

And remember - having Me Time as a mom doesn’t make you a bad mom; it makes you a happy woman!

Susan Urban