Tidy Baby Room - 5 Tips

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A tidy baby room is not a myth! Also - it is possible to teach your baby to clean up the toys! Let me introduce you few tips that will help to achieve that.

Have a spot for each toy and item

Basic of tidy baby room is given a spot for everything. How would you put things in its place without knowing where it is? It is much more natural for the baby to put something back in spot than tidy in an abstract, not-previously-planned way. Also, this way, you increase their enjoyment of finding items if those are not misplaced.

Provide plenty of storage

The Box System! Having a box for everything is my recipe for success. Boxes, even simple cardboard ones, make tidying up easy. You can buy boxes, reuse old ones, add bins and baskets - whatever design you like. The critical aspect is easiness of access for your child; proper height is essential.

Label your boxes

You will achieve a tidy baby room easier is there is no place for missing the right place for the objects. Personalize your boxes with color and labels. Is this box for blocks only? Glue a few small bricks on the front. Teddy bears? Attach a photo of a favorite plush mascot of your baby’s.

Implement the Rule Of One

It is as simple as that: putting one toy or game away before bringing out or starting another. The sooner you bring the rule, the better chance for your baby to accept it easily. Remember to ask everyone taking care of the baby to apply the rule too!


Of course, your baby will love every new toy! But do you need that much? Probably not.

Try to reduce the number of toys down to a minimum. Donating toys (and clothes too) that your kids have outgrown or have lost interest in is a good habit. Also, try to talk to your baby about it and show the positive impact of this behavior.

If you’ve got interested and want more tips - try my How to create order in your child’s room book. It is a complete guide to implement The Box System quickly and easily. Also, I have some ideas on how to make cleaning up fun!

Susan Urban