Breastfeeding Benefits

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Breastfeeding benefits are incontestable - both for you and the baby. There are a few types of arguments - medical, cultural, psychological. Let's talk about a few most important ones.

Perfect nutrition for the baby

It is said that only breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for babies. That is why health authorities recommend exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months, 12 months as the best option (mixed with solids at the right time).

The "first milk" - colostrum helps to develop the newborn's digestive tract, which is essential in the first week. After a few days, when a baby's stomach grows and develops, the breasts start producing more massive amounts of milk; probably the exact amount that your baby needs.

Reducing disease and SIDS risk

Doctors say that breastfeeding may reduce disease risk - allergies, problems with the immune system, and many others. Breastfeeding has a significant impact on a baby's health, especially if we're talking about exclusive breastfeeding.

Losing your weight

One of the mom's favorite breastfeeding benefits is a number of calories burned during breastfeeding. It really may help you lose weight! You may not see that for the first three months of breastfeeding, but in the end - you will. It is 500-700 calories burned daily!

Emotions and intimacy

The other thing is relationship-building. Closeness during breastfeeding supports the mother-baby relationship, what is good for the mental health of both baby and mother.

Smarter kid

Some studies say there is a difference in brain development between babies that were breastfed and formula-fed. It is not explained scientifically, but the difference may be associated with physical intimacy and eye contact during breastfeeding.

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Susan Urban