Pacifier at Night - Facts and Myth

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Pacifier at night is calming because the sucking action that comes with it can make your little one feel better. Is this safe to give your baby pacifier at night? How to stop doing that without crying?

Pacifier at night is lowering SIDS risk - TRUE

Using pacifiers while your baby sleeps reduce risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Some researchers say it can cut the risk in half. It is unclear why pacifiers are effective in lowering the SIDS risk, but it's a comforting reason to let your baby keep the binky while sleeping.

Pacifier guarantee longer sleep - FALSE

There's no evidence that pacifiers help babies sleep longer, although it helps your little one fall asleep faster. The familiar sucking action is calming itself.

Every binky is the same - FALSE

Every pacifier is different, and you should especially evaluate those you want to use at night. Choose the one using only molded from a single piece of plastic, to prevent parts from popping off at some point. Also, choose BPA-free binkies - not only for sleep.

A pacifier should fit the age - TRUE

Size matters! Buy only pacifiers designed for your child's age, so they fit properly. If your baby can fit the entire thing in the mouth, because it is too small for the age, it becomes a choking hazard. The shield on the pacifier should be at least 1.5 inches wide to keep it from going inside your baby's mouth.

Use clipper for the baby not to lose it - FALSE

At night never attach the pacifier to your baby's clothes, crib, bed, toys, or bedding. Again - it becomes a strangulation hazard for your sleeping baby.

Getting rid of the pacifier is hard - TRUE

It is, unfortunately, true - weaning pacifier at night can be even harder than the daytime part. You may want to use my guide: How to help your child give up the pacifier. There are several methods to choose from. I believe you will find the one perfect for you.

Susan Urban