Potty Training Chart

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Potty training chart may help you track progress and motivate your little one in potty training adventure. What is this chart, and how does it work? It is visual imaging of the training that you and the baby calls follow and complete every time.

Generally, it is a sticker chart, used to get your baby excited about the potty training.

What are the rules?

Points for trying and doing

Your system should take into account not only using the potty successfully but also asking to go to the potty and trying to use it. Later on, you can add washing hands and other steps to the game.

Hang it

Regularly seeing the chart will remind your child to use the potty seat instead of the diaper. You should also remind your baby about the training, but asking too many times may prejudice, instead of help, so having a hanging chart makes it easier.

Use stickers

Stickers are fun itself, and also it is an excellent way for your baby to see their potty training success. They get easily excited over how many stickers they have. You can buy dedicated potty training chart stickers, but stickers with favorite character are fine too. If your baby love stamps instead - it will work as well.


You need to talk to your baby and explain what you are planning and doing. Baby has to understand when and why can get a sticker. It is also good to offer a reward system - a small reward for a row of stickers and a big reward for a full potty training chart.

Reward system

The system needs to be clear and followed, no matter what!


Frequent trips to the bathroom equal numerous stickers. Plenty of liquids can give you a lot of stickers up to build up the excitement at the beginning or the point when the baby gets bored with the concept.

You can prepare your own potty training chart of find printable version online. However, the hardest part of planning your potty training chart is choosing the rewards that work best for your little one. Will it be a new toy or a trip to the park or watching a cartoon? Whatever works best for your baby!

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Susan Urban