Baby Sleep Music - is This a Good Idea?

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Baby sleep music may be helpful in the evenings, no doubt. But first of all, let's talk about when you can start using music when putting the baby to sleep. Do you know when? After four months or - even better - after sleep training (that you can initiate with my “How to teach a baby to fall sleep alone" book). Baby sleep music is a tool that should be used carefully.

Sleep associations

Sleep associations are the elements that help your baby to fall asleep. Those can be negative or positive - whether it requires another person or not. Negative sleep associations require somebody to do something for the baby, like rocking or feeding; while positive sleep associations are things that babies can do on their own. Baby sleep music is something that you would have to put on. That is why you don't want your little one to get too attached.

Bedtime routine

It would be a better idea to make baby sleep music a part of the bedtime routine. You can play it during preparation time, to help your child relax and calm down, giving obvious and soothing clues that bedtime has arrived. Although the key is to end the music before the kid falls asleep.

Type of music

Babies can feel vibes. That is why you have to be very careful when choosing a playlist. If you want your baby to fall asleep soon, the music has to be gentle, maybe even boring! Since you've probably just stopped using white noise, pick something repetitive.

You can also test your options during the day - playing different types of music and observing reactions. If your baby is having a great time with this song - it won't be the right choice for sleeping.

There are also playlists and apps that can help you any minute online!

Classical music

Some scientists claim that playing Mozart will help your baby's brain to develop better! It may be worth trying!

Whenever you are sure baby sleep music is a good idea, pick a good melody and play. Just try not to fall asleep with the baby, when the music is playing!

Susan Urban