Baby Sleep at 2 Months - How to Help the Baby Get Better Sleep?

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Baby sleep at 2 months is still a fragile phase when you cannot perform a sleep training program. Although there are some tips for you and your little one that will help you two sleep better! It is the right moment to start replacing sleep schedule for a sleep routine! How to do that? I say more about it in my How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone book, but here I have some tips for you.

Waking and feeding

Baby sleep at 2 months should take 18 hours a day but stay awake would last for only 2 hours in between. Remember that your baby's stomach is small and breastmilk is digested relatively quickly. Although if your baby doesn't' wake up for longer than three hours - there is no need of waking for feeding.

Sleep environment

Blinding shades, white noise machine, and proper room temperature - make sure you have those provided! Whether the baby is co-sleeping in your room or you are away at grandparent's house, always keep right sleeping conditions in mind.


Some children sleep better when their movements are restricted; one of the methods is wrapping a baby. It is what it sounds - wrap your little one in a swaddle, like a burrito! The pressure will comfort your baby, strengthening the sleep.

You will find exact graphics instruction in my book.

Drowsy but awake

Baby sleep at 2 months should start on baby's own. Not while rocking, not during the feeding. Try to put your kid in the crib drowsy but awake. If you succeed now - sleep training may not be even necessary!

It is also helpful to establish a bedtime routine. Repetitive scheme every evening will give your baby a sense of security at some point. Remember, baby sleep at 2 months is a halfway to sleep training at 4 months old. You can do it!

Susan Urban