Baby Room Wall Decor - 4 Ideas

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Haven't you chosen baby room wall decor yet? You better pick it wisely, you will spend quite some time looking at it yourself! That is right - the first nursery of baby room wall decor is for you, not the baby! If you aren't exactly crazy about home decor, you can paint the room. But if you already know you will want to change it a few times a year - find some smart solutions!


Paint all the room with one color but one wall. Put your favorite wallpaper on the free wall. There are many designs to choose from. And what's best? You can print your own pattern if you want! Forrest for little boy scout? No problem! Cars for a mechanic a few months later? You can do it in no time!


Even easier option for changeable baby room wall decor is stickers. You can put a lot of small stickers on the wall or pick big, fat one in the center. You can also mix and match different designs. The best part is - you can clean it easily.


If you're creative and has some gift of drawing - paint one wall with chalkboard paint and go crazy! Pick white or black paint and a lot of colorful chalks and go nuts! The sky is the limit. You can create different worlds for your baby every day!

3D baby room wall decor

More and more popular option - 3D decorations that you can touch and stare at it in a room. Little clouds, hanging under the ceiling, or hot air balloons on the wall, fake tree with 3D leaves…

Now, when the room looks perfect, it is essential to keep it that way for long. That is exactly why I've figured The Box System. Do you want to know what it is? Check out my How to create order in your child's room. You will find a solution for baby's mess all around.

Susan Urban