Night Time Potty Training Tips

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Night time potty training is the master level for your baby. You will need a lot of patience, and your baby will need a lot of praising for trying hard. Here are some tips to start from.

Baby’s bedtime routine

I assume you already have a steady bedtime routine. Now it is time to make going potty an important part of the routine. Teach your child going potty right before going to bed and force it as a first thing after waking up.

Your bedtime routine

Wake up your baby for going potty one more time, right before your bedtime. You can set the alarm and repeat even few time later at night if you want to. Try this especially if your baby is sleep trained and has no problem with falling back to sleep (if not - check this guide of mine).

Liquids intake

Limit liquids before bed. Of course, you cannot refuse water to the child, although you can not encourage it in the evenings. Depending on your schedule, most trainers say „no drinks after 6 pm”.

Don’t expect too much

And most of all - don’t communicate your expectations to the baby! Time pressure is not welcome during the night time potty training. It is a long process, and there will be failures. You need to accept that and support your child when trying hard, not only praise for perfection. Even well-potty-trained kids have accidents.

Use a mattress protector

For your easiness and your baby’s comfort put a mattress protector under sheets. When the setbacks come you can calmly say „nothing happened”.

Night time potty training won’t happen overnight. You must be prepared. If you’d like to learn more about potty training and use the whole program, check my How to make your child love going potty guide. With this book, you will be well-prepared, and the training will end up with success!

Susan Urban