Top 5 Parenting Apps

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Parenting apps may be useful sometimes! We’re using technology, so it’s better to use it right. Here are some types of apps that you may find interesting as a new parent.

White noise

Have you tried white noise? I’ve written about it in my sleep training guide How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone. Baby needs soothing sounds while falling asleep, imitating those in your womb, like blood pressure and heartbeats. White noise is supposed to sooth the baby, and it works almost every time. Before you buy one of the expensive machines - make sure your baby is responding well with the phone app.

Stay organized

Several parenting apps are helping to stay well-organized. Note when your child ate, slept, was changed, or needed medicine. It gets repetitive, and you get tired, and you will forget the easiest stuff. It’s better to be sure!

Proper development

All parents tend to panic about health and development. Is your baby supposed to crawl by down? When does teething happen? Is everything alright? There are apps, very similar to pregnancy apps, showing milestones that you should expect. Just make sure to have the one with pediatrician’s-approved charts! There are also personalized versions where you can note the dates of your baby’s „firsts”.


This one is for you! You will spend a tone of time breastfeeding. Don’t let yourself get bored! Of course for the first few times watching your baby is absorbing and there is nothing more exciting in a world. But after a while… Audiobooks are the best option, that’s why I put it onto parenting apps shortlist.

Homemade baby food recipes

Since month four you can, and should, introduce solids to your baby. If you need advice on that - check my guide about introducing solid food to your baby. When you know the basics, all you need is some recipes. It’s hard to stay creative when you’re always tired. If you have an app for that, all you have to do is declare baby’s age and chose ingredients!

There are many more parenting apps, I’ve just mentioned a few of my favorite, that I find most useful. You can also find great photo-editors dedicated to babies and personal diaries for a favorite everyday photo, but those are more for fun. Although parenting should be fun so you can download any app you want!

Susan Urban