4 Things I Love About Being a Mom

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4 things I love about being a mom is a private list that I decided to share with you. I am a happy mother of two amazing daughters, and I like to share my joy with others. I hope that this list may help expecting moms get a positive perspective or comfort you - as a mom - on one of those difficult days (that we have too sometimes!).

My baby’s „firsts”

I get so excited with every another „first time”! First kisses, first rolls, then first time walking, first day at preschool… It’s all happening so fast! Parenting is a long road. Try to divide it into pieces and enjoy every step to the most. Don’t forget to take pictures - you will want to get back to those days!

Celebrating successes

I enjoy celebrating every little success together a lot! It is good to make your baby feel special and show that you are proud of them. For example, after finally giving up a pacifier (check out our methods in the How to help your child to give up the pacifier book), we had a little „goodbye party”.

Children’s stuff

One of the things I love about being a mom is a possibility to buy things (and spoil my girls just a little bit). Stuff for kids is so cute these days! Clothes, toys, room decor… You can pick the most beautiful things in the world and give them to the person you love the most. How cool is that?

And children books? Amazing!

Sense of security

Being a ‚safe spot’ for someone is one incredible, indescribable feeling! Little baby falling asleep in your arms, ability to calm with just your presence and touch… On the other hand, this responsibility may be scary and overwhelming but don’t think about it too much.

All those things I love about being a mom are in fact a part of one, most crucial matter: watching your child grow by your side. Try to live it to the fullest!

Susan Urban