6 Foods to Avoid Giving Babies

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Foods to avoid giving babies is a must-know list for every parent introducing solid food to the baby. First months are easy - breastmilk of formula, then some veggies and fruits but it’s a lot of information to take. For your child’s health and wellness, get to know what you should skip in baby’s diet.


Salt is not good for kidneys, even for adults. So especially for babies, still developing, this is number on foods to avoid list! You should not even use salt water when cooking for the baby.

The rule applies to salty foods as well!


Of course, your little one will love sugar! But organism doesn’t need it at all. What’s even worse - once your baby gets to know sugar and sweetened food, it will become harder to introduce new flavors.


It is rare, but seen, for honey to contain bacteria that leads to infant botulism - serious illness. Honey must wait at least until the first birthday.

Unpasteurized Cheese

Many kinds of cheese are made from unpasteurized milk, which may cause the risk of listeria. Although this bacteria is getting killed by cooking, so thermally processed food is safe here.


This one is tricky! First of all - most nuts are highly allergenic. Furthermore, there is a whole other branch of foods to avoid giving babies: small objects! Even if you are entirely sure that your baby is not allergic, there is still a high-level risk of choking injury.


Chocolate is bad for a few reasons: it contains caffeine and dairy. Any intake of caffeine is inadvisable for kids and dairy can cause difficulties with digesting. Also, it is a sweet, and you should avoid sweets of all kind.

Those are the most important foods to avoid giving babies until after your baby turns at least one - as most pediatricians and health experts agree. If you’d like to know all the list and introduce solid foods safely, check out my How to Introduce Solid Foods To Your Baby book. It’s a complete guide that you will use for months!

Susan Urban