Baby Sleep Associations

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Baby sleep associations are things or activities that help your child with falling asleep. In fact, it is anything that your baby can’t fall asleep without.

There are positive baby sleep associations, helping your baby feel good about falling asleep. Those can also help babies sleep through the night independently. On the other hand, there are negative sleep associations, that will only cause trouble.

What is the difference and how to recognize those?

Positive baby sleep associations

Positive baby sleep associations typically involve doing something by the baby on their own, not involving parents or any other help. It is essential that babies learn to achieve the comfort.

It may be one (or more at the same time) of the following:

* Sucking thumbs (or other fingers) or pacifier

* Kicking the crib mattress

* Rocking back and forth on their own

* Incomprehensible lifting up their legs

Negative baby sleep associations

Negative baby sleep associations are mostly the effect of overprotection. I do believe in parent’s, but in this case, it is better not to meddle. Examples, how to do it wrong:

* Feeding the baby to sleep

* Rocking the baby to sleep

* Keeping physical contact with a baby until they fall asleep

* Bouncing the baby to sleep by putting them on top of the washing machine or driving a car

As you can see - self-soothing and dealing with one’s emotions is a must.

Sleep training can be a very effective way to break a negative sleep association. And, if you are well-prepared and the chosen method is right - it will take only a few days to break. For those who are looking for, HERE is my How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone guide. I am giving you step-by-step instruction to follow while having a first newborn. You can start to follow the instructions, and no negative baby sleep associations will bother you anymore!

Susan Urban