Baby Room Curtains - How to Choose?

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Choosing baby room curtains is a very important decision when planning the baby’s nursery. Many babies won’t sleep well in a bright room. But will the blackout curtains be the best option or just darkening will work as well? What other features should you consider?

Blackout curtains

Baby room curtains causing complete blackout might be useful, especially until babies cannot differ daytime and night. It is like with blackout curtains you have better control.

The best thing is - blackout doesn’t need to be black! It’s mostly about the fabric.

Remember to avoid heavy drapes and opt for a cotton blend, which is easier to wash and re-hang.


Since you already know the curtains don’t have to be black - what color will you choose? You probably have some room-theme in mind (if you are still looking for an option - check HERE for girls and HERE for boys), so pick the matching color. You may also think about the pattern or single emblems.


Avoid floor-length draperies. Your baby will be crawling and walking in no time, and you don’t want baby room curtains on the floor! You want them hanging! The long fabric seems perfect to pull and climb. Consider keeping them short to stay out of reach for as long as possible.


Finding cooling shades is always a good idea! There are heat-reflecting, UV-blocking window treatments, that may be useful in hot summer. Keeping the perfect temperature is crucial in the baby’s room.

If you’ve already picked plain curtains, you can purchase UV-blocking window film to apply directly to the glass.

Since you’re choosing baby room curtains, I guess you want the room to look perfect! And it will. Especially if you can keep it tidy. I love perfectly designed baby rooms that is why I wrote a book: How To Create Order In Your Child’s Room. You will learn a perfect system of keeping the place clean and enjoy it most!

Susan Urban