10 Things You Wish You Knew Before Becoming A Mother

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Things you wish you knew before becoming a mother is a personalized list of things that we probably all know but don’t think about it at the right time. It is here to draw your attention to those few points.

1. There is no need to buy everything

Different strollers, swings, bouncy chairs, play mats, teething rings, burp cloths and basically a lot of clothes… You don’t need that much! Of course, you want to be well-prepared but try to think rationally and maybe ask some friend if they have some no longer used stuff?

2. Workout during pregnancy will pay off

No matter if it’s yoga at your house or pregnancy-fitness classes - try to do something! This baby won’t carry itself for a while!

3. Mess is fine

Your house won’t look perfect all the time, but this is not important. If you have 30 minutes for yourself take a nap, don’t try to clean up the mess immediately.

4. It’s time for mindfulness

You will be tired most of the time, but you want to stay focused, not to miss any of your baby’s „firsts”! First kiss, first steps, first meal - pay attention and be there fully.

5. Mummy brain is a thing

Forgetting things happen. Happens a lot and it is not your fault. It is just how it works so deal with it and don’t apologize too much.

6. You will understand crying

How will you recognize hunger-cry from nappy-cry? You just will. Nobody knows why but when the day comes you just need to trust your instincts.

7. Breastfeeding needs practice

Yes, it is natural but both of you will need some practice. Read „How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy” - it will help you to be better prepared.

8. You can live without sleep

Are you afraid of sleep deprivation? It is not that scary after all! Seriously, you’ll get used to it. And you will learn to fall asleep in no time!

9. No need to be perfect

This one applies both to you and the baby! You don’t have to teach your child two languages since birth. Also if your little one is not standing up as your neighbor’s baby - it is just fine. Kids are different and unique!

10. Make tons of videos

Photos are great too but to capture walking or talking - you will miss not having a video of those moments. Pro tip: try not to show those to everyone all the time!

Being a mother is amazing and rewarding although sometimes it is just hard. Try to remember those tips when tired.

Susan Urban