Baby Fruits - 6 Months

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Baby fruits are the next step if your child already tasted vegetables and liked, or at least accepted them. Remember - never start introducing solid foods with fruits! Once the sweet fruits are eaten, introducing veggies will become much harder! If you haven’t done it yet - read the post about vegetables first HERE.

Fruits contain a lot of vitamins so you should not delay the introduction. First fruits you can propose at months 4-6, depending on your milk supply situation and your baby’s growth.

Be sure to start with just a teaspoon a day for the first few days. Baby needs time for accepting the new flavors. Although accepting fruits comes easier than veggies. Remember to observe is there are no signs of allergies!

What fruits to start with?


Avocado is one of the best fruits to start! Baby fruits should not be too sweet at first - checked! It is also easy to smash, full of fats and proteins that babies need for their growth during the crucial first months.


Bananas are also one of the first baby fruits to introduce. Although it must be a perfectly smooth structure for your baby to eat the fruit without a problem. Wait until the banana is very ripe but not darkened. Probably bananas will accompany your baby’s diet for a long time!


Another naturally sweet fruit, easy to digest and easy to be accepted in a diet. It is a healthy ingredient that - after you introduce it separately - you can mix with many other products.

If you don’t know how to prepare those fruits and what consistency choose - read my How to introduce solid foods to your baby book. It is full textbook covering the whole process of offering different food to your child: order of products does and don’ts, preparing meals and much, much more.

Susan Urban