Baby Room Wallpaper - How to Choose?

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Baby room wallpaper may help to create a stimulating and cheerful environment for your little one. Kid’s rooms will have to meet a variety of needs and should last for some time. It will be used for sleeping, relaxing, playing, learning… The design should never be flashy or overwhelming. Try to design a nursery that will be soothing for you (you will spend a lot of time there!) and the baby and the one that you both will still love in a few months.

There are multiple options to choose from.


Plain baby room wallpaper with calm, peaceful colors. This option is the safe one, that lets you change the room for time to time by adding new decors. You can change the theme color easily or add any furniture you want at any point.


Very fashionable - wallpapers with repeatable patterns. Those might be abstract, like geometric figures or nature-based, like small animals or clouds. If the pattern is big or very colorful, choose one or two walls to use the wallpaper on.


Many parents decide to pick a baby room wallpaper that creates a theme in a room. If you want some ideas for themes - check our propositions for girls HERE and boys HERE.

The effect can be admirable, but on the other hand, it may be limiting in the future.

When the design is chosen, remember to take care that the pain is 100% non-toxic, durable and easy to clean! Preparing walls is just a beginning. You will need a lot of stuff in a baby’s room, and there will be more and more every month and every stage. The good idea is to have a fixed plan for keeping the place tidy. I can help you with that with my How to create order in your child’s room. Meet „the box system” now and have a good start!

Susan Urban