First Vacation With a Baby - 5 Tips

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The first vacation with a baby involves a lot of planning and preparing, but it is going to be an unforgettable time for all of you! I still remember our first trip, how amazing it felt to be there all together.

How to make it as easy as possible? What is essential when packing? I hope you’ll find my tips helpful.


Remember that first vacation with a baby does not have have to be exotic. In fact - better if it won’t. Fist challenge is to get to the place. Even if your baby loves road trips, don’t overestimate the capabilities! If you want to go far - plan some resting stops. If you’d like to have a flight - remember that doctors recommend waiting until 3-6 months.


Consider booking an apartment or a condo. Hotel rooms might be enough for a night or two, but if you’re vacationing for a week, a vacation home rental will be much more convenient. You’ll have your own kitchen, laundry machine probably and a separate room for the baby.


Taking about sleeping. Taking sleep training before the vacation is more than recommended! Your baby will acquire the ability to self-soothe and to fall asleep easily in every condition.

If you haven’t done it yet - get my How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone guide and start right away!


Think of where you’re going. If you are visiting a city - get a good city stroller, that you can stroll around all day and your little one will be comfortable sleeping in. If you’re going hiking - baby carrier or a baby sling will be a better option.


Go with your friends or family if you’ll find it helpful. The first vacation with a baby doesn’t mean that it has to be just you! Sometimes it’s great to have grandparents or another couple with a kid around to help watch the kids. That way you can give yourself some alone time, making shifts!

Following these tips, your first vacation with a baby might become the best time ever! Enjoy.

Susan Urban