Baby Room Furniture - What do You Need?

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You can make a long baby room furniture registry or stay minimal and have only the ones you really need. Try not to get crazy - the older the baby is, the more stuff you need to fit in the room. Although there are essentials, you cannot skip.

Place to sleep

No matter what you decided for a first bed: basket, bassinet or a crib our baby will need some kind of a bed. Even if you’re bed-sharing at night, you still need a safe bed for naps. If you haven’t decided yet - check out my post on the topic: Bassinet or crib?

Place to change the baby

You will need a place to change the baby, and you will use that place a lot. The natural choice would be a specially designed changing table, but you can use a high dresser as well. Just make sure the area is safe, on a comfortable hight, and the material is easy to clean. If would be smart to add a trash can and laundry basket (preferably with a lid) next by.

Place for a lot of stuff

Having a dresser instead of a changing table has the advantage of having more storage space. And you will need a lot of storage space. Changing accessories, baby’s clothes, cosmetics, toys, more toys, and then even more toys… You will need more baby room furniture at some point.

Place for feeding

Having a dedicated space in the nursery gives you calmness and good vibes. There is this hype on breastfeeding armchairs lately. You don’t need a dedicated armchair, but you do need a comfy place for feeding. It may be a comfy chair you already have or a sofa. It’s good to also have a table next to the chair - for you, nor the baby. You need a space for water, cellphone and sometimes snacks!

Planning baby room furniture may make you worry about keeping the room tidy. Fortunately - I have the perfect system to keep the baby’s room organized. Read my „How to create order in your child’s room” straight ahead. The sooner you start using the box system - the easier it is for the baby to learn.

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