Baby Boy Names - TOP 10 for 2019

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It’s a boy? Congratulations!

Finding perfect baby boy names is not easy. A name should sound nice, but masculine enough. First of all, think of your grand-grand dad’s name - do you like it? Names with history are the most valuable, even if a little bit old-fashioned. Analyze favorite pop culture heroes and literary characters. What’s your hobby? Do you know anyone famous you would like to see as your son’s role model? Associations are significant while picking baby boy names, but also is the meaning.

I will try to help you will a little selection of my favorites from the top 100 most popular baby boy names in 2018:


Meaning ‘happiness’, this moniker will fill your son’s life with laughter and love.


It is the name of the God associated with the sea in Welsh mythology. Means ‘great wave’.


Name means ‘strong or firm’.


This Russian diminutive of Gregorius, meaning ‘watchful’, would make an excellent name for a young man.


Relatively new name, means ’great’.


This cute baby boy name has different meanings in different countries. In Wales, it means ‘white river’ and in Irish, it means ‘handsome’ - both worth considering!


This name originates from the English surname, meaning ‘still water’. Peaceful.


Surprisingly, not connected with animals, means ‘rest or comfort’.


This quintessential Irish name, goes for ‘little king’. Will he rule your kingdom?


Future ‚army ruler’; perfect for army-related families.

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Susan Urban