Baby Girl Names - TOP 10 for 2019

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It’s a girl? Congratulations!

Choosing between baby girl names is exciting! You can think about your family names, but those are often too old-fashioned. Also, you may think about your favorite book of movie characters. You can even think about famous people with characters worth praise - not only actors and authors, maybe fashion personality or famous scientist? Associations are significant while picking baby girl names, but also is the meaning.

I can try to help you will a little selection of mine, from the top 100 most popular baby girl names in 2018:


Meaning ‘universal,’ infamous with Jane Austen’s book and few actresses.


With several literary and pop culture references, means ‘strong’.


The meaning of Scarlett merely is: ‘deep red’. The name isn’t gone with the wind years later.


This classic name, meaning ‘weaver’, evoking mind of an extraordinary actress. Great for the fashion business.


This old-fashioned name, now known as the formal version of Lily; means ‘lily flower’.


It means ‘born on Christmas day’, not to make a mistake for the rest of the year.


Sounds classy, yet cute - not for nothing. The name means ‘king’s meadow’. She will definitely find her knight!


This name invokes wholesome sweetness. It means ‘princess’. Don’t blame me if it reflects in girl’s character.


Perfect for nature lovers, it means ‘wild boar in woodland clearing’.


The meaning of this ancient name is ‘youthful’. A daughter may be grateful, but tragic Shakespeare’s connotations are inseparable.

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Susan Urban