Potty Training Age - A Few Tips


Best potty training age is not a strict number. There is no given moment you should start potty training, nor there is no guarantee of success. You need to listen to your child and observe to sense the right time. What are those clues of readiness in kid’s behavior to look for? Why is it sometimes better to wait longer? I’ll try to give you some answers.

Potty training boy

The most frequently given potty training age is 2 - 2,5 years old for a boy. It’s all about learning bladder and bowel control and but also choosing to use the potty. A boy may just not want to stop playing to use the potty.

Potty training girl

For girls, this time may come a little bit sooner. They may be more advanced with expressing the need to pee, and also some studies show it is easier for them to master bladder control. Although at least 18 months is required.

Make sure the baby is ready

Those signs, or at least some of them, may - but don’t have to - indicate your baby may already be in potty training age and you have a chance to succeed:

- Verbally expressing any needs and wants

- Independent sitting down and rising up

- Imitating older siblings or parents

- Wants to show off

Make sure the baby is eager

The other thing, apart from being physically ready, is the will. If your toddler seems to be looking for more independence, it may be the right time. Being fond of praise is also a good sign because praising is a valid part of the training.

If you feel like you’re ready and want to start the training - check out my How to make your child love going potty guide. It’s a proven method you might like to use.

If you decided you need to wait some more - it is ok. There is nothing strange or abnormal with your baby, you just need more time. Also, you should not let day care centers rush you and your baby. Training a child before they are ready may cause a lot of stress, and also lead to bladder issues. Every child develops at their own age, and there is no place for rushing them into something.

Susan Urban