Baby Food Pouches - How to Do That?


Baby food pouches are valuable snacks to have around. Especially those with right ingredients. And when do you know it best? When you make them on your own! You don’t even need the Pouching Station.

Why is this a good idea and how to start? What exactly do you need? I have some tips for you.


There are two types of bags you can buy: single-use or reusable. Depending on your needs and preferences.

Single-use ones come in batches of 50 or 100 and will last for quite some time, and - what’s nice - you don’t need to wash them.

Reusable pouches open up at the bottom with a zipper. You can fill them with food, use and more-or-less easily wash after emptying. It is even possible to buy ones washable in the dishwasher. Easy and eco-friendly.

Is your little one poor-eater? Find animal-shaped designs!

Baby food

Baby food pouches can be filled with whatever puree your child likes best - veggies, fruits, rice-based. Every meal you make, you can blend into a puree. Just make sure you’re not rushing with ingredients! Take a look at my How to introduce solid food to your baby guide; I’m teaching the principles and food order for every age.

Do you know what the best base for pouch-recipe is? Leftovers!


A hand blender or food processor with a small container will work best. You need to be sure there are no lumps to plug the pouch. Those tubes have narrow apertures, so the consistency is important.

If you used fresh products, you could seamlessly put baby food pouches in the fridge! Just be sure to write the contents and date on your bags. Adding one tablespoon lemon juice to each bag help preserve them is also a good idea. Good luck!

Susan Urban

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