Baby Sleep Training Mistakes - 3 Common Slips


Baby sleep training mistakes may thwart your ingenious plan. Some of them are easy to control, as soon as you know about them. Some may cost you a little bit of work. But it is worth it. Well-conducted training should work with the first approach. If you are struggling, there is a chance you doing something wrong.

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Wrong time

By ‚wrong time’ I mean wrong time of baby’s life and the wrong hour.

I recommend starting sleep training with four months old. You may start any time later, but not sooner. The phase before I call ‚4th trimester’ and your baby is not developed enough to manage the training. The perfect time is between 4th and 6th month when the baby is ready for the change, the ability to self-sooth is developed at the time.

Starting sleep training at the wrong hour may be a problem. It is essential to put your baby to bed when sleepy. Depending on your own schedule, and your nap schedule, somewhere between six and eight should be the perfect bedtime. As a result of a bedtime routine of course.

Being inconsistent

Most common of baby sleep training mistakes is not being consistent. You’ve started sleep training but having friends over or having a night out? It is not going to work. You need to plan a few free days - not just evenings - ahead. Try to start the training on the weekend, not making any other plans. First few nights are crucial. Putting your baby to sleep alone for the first time is a milestone, dedicate due attention. Also remember, you may not be in your best condition after a rough night.

Stress factor

If you are going on vacation in a few days or going back to work, you’ve probably started too late. The Hold With Love sleep training from my book usually works in 4-5 days. But if you have limited time, you’re getting stressed, and your baby can naturally feel that. This kind of pressure won’t be helpful and may extend the training process. Try to think things through first and maybe postpone the change, if you cannot properly focus.

If you still believe, you are doing everything according to recommendations you may consider visiting a doctor. It may not any baby sleep training mistakes; the sleeping problem may be caused by medical issues. If you failed with sleep training, and are entirely sure you were doing a thing right, better consult your pediatrician; just in case.

Susan Urban