Pacifier Holder - How to Pick the Perfect One?


If you’re planning on using a pacifier - you should have pacifier holder too, in fact - you should have a bunch of those! Pacifier clips are handy, help keep the pacifiers relatively clean, but also prevents the child from losing track of it.


Pacifier holder is basically a clip and a cord with an attachment of some kind. You need to take a look at each part, but especially the clip itself. Make sure it is strong enough to not de-attach itself and well-shaped, not to hurt a baby. No sharp edges on the outline are permissible!

The material

It may happen that the baby starts to chew a part of a clipper, instead of the binky. Make sure the holder you choose is made of natural materials or reliably tested ones.


You may need a few different pacifier holders of varying length. The basic one should range from baby’s arm to the mouth. You may want a longer one for a stroller or to keep in the cradle.


There are many cute or cool ones to choose from. The basic ones are made with ribbons, or you can have decorative with beads or with a little mascot attached.

A nice alternative is to make a pacifier holder yourself as well! You can use the broken one or buy separate elements and get creative. Pick your baby’s favorite colors and crochet baby name on the ribbon! This is also a perfect gift for a friend.

Tips & Tricks

You can clip other stuff too! You can use pacifier holder to keep baby's favorite teether or toy close by or you can even make a toy out of you pacifier holder collection.

And whenever you’re ready for pacifier weaning - take a look at my How to help your child to give up the pacifier guide. I have some proven methods!

Susan Urban