Mom Bag Essentials


Mom bag essentials is a never-ending list you may improve every single day. It may be a separate bag for kid’s stuff (Diaper Bag), or you can get a huge one handbag (at least there is a wide range of beautiful designs these days!), or thrust the needed things into a stroller when going for a walk. Whatever tactics you decide for, the truth is you need a load of stuff.

Let’s talk about the first need products, you should have around even for a short walk.

Wipes and tissues

It’s never too much of those when you’re having a baby around. It’s number one of mom bag essentials! The spitting, having hands dirty, a runny nose of any kind… A total must-he both for you and the baby.


Also for you and the baby (if old enough to drink water). A little trick: it’s good to have a leak-proof bottle, so you don’t need to pay attention if it’s standing still or fell in the bag, making a huge mess.


Of any kinds, depending on the age of the child. Something to keep the kid busy for a while. Maybe a shiny stroller-carousel for a few weeks old, and favorite mascot or sound-book for the older one.

Wallet and phone!

Make sure you also packed things you usually had in your purse, like wallet and phone. ‚Mommy brain’ can get you focused on the child, sometimes too much!

Additional clothes

It may happen to anyone to misjudge the temperature outside. Always have layers!

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What are your's mom bag essentials? There is so many stuff you need to carry around every walk. Good thing someone invented strollers packed with bags and pockets!

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