Baby Boy Gifts


Baby boy gifts may be simply themed with pirates and cars, but the best gifts take baby’s needs into account. Boys need adventure! Let’s give them the adventure.

Few weeks old

Since the baby itself doesn’t really need anything, you may give something useful. The best gift combination is useful and cute! Like personalized baby blanket or photo album for the family pictures with boy’s name on the cover to document every little adventure. Super-hero towels are cool baby boy gifts too!

First birthday

Depending on how much room parents have, you can choose from the baby gym mat or activity tunnel or another kind of activity sets. There are huge mazes, little pools filled with plastic balls. But there are also small construction boxes that are as much fun for a little builder!

And if you have some skills, you can make the activity board yourself - gifts with the personal touch are the best.


Baby boy gifts are like a shrunk version of adult men’s play time. Seriously:

Driving: little cars - those for transporting toys, those with cat tracks and those super-cool pedal-driven vehicles. Depending on the age, you can always find a car that will make a little man happy.

Construction: blocks of all kind! First those big wooden or plastic ones, then smaller, with more elements. The best ones are sets matching each other. Consider consulting parents and stick to one brand.

Sports: mini-basketball, mini-bowling, mini-every-discipline-you-like. Boys love sports, and gifts like those help them decide what their favorite discipline is.

Paired with toys, remember to get How to create order in your child’s room book for the parent too! It is a simple guide, teaching parents how to keep the kid’s room clean and convince the baby to tidy it up himself. They will appreciate it a lot I think.

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