Baby Girl Gifts


Baby girl gifts are so easy to buy! You just grab something pink, and we’re all set!

That’s easy to say, but in fact, not that easy to perform, especially if you do not have kids on your own and simply don’t know what baby may need or like.

Few weeks old

You’re going to see the baby girl for the first time, and you want to bring a gift? Probably the newborn has everything she may need and even more! You better think about exhausted mom. My How to teach a baby how to fall asleep alone guide may be the kind gift, helping parents to get more rest.

An excellent and popular gift is also monthly badges - badge or sticker for every month, to have cute family pictures with it. You can find those sets in various colors and options, even with inflatable number-balloons and names included!

First birthday

Around one year babies, most are enjoying standing or sometimes even walking, so toys that allow them to exercise and practice are a perfect fit. The baby-doll stroller is a great idea, especially paired with a brand new baby-doll itself. There are also special activity boards, suited for standing babies - making noises and flashing lights. You can find one themed with butterflies or cute animals.


Girls desire to imitate adult life, so thinking about baby girl gifts - think about your everyday life. Shopping sets with shopping cart and wooden veggies, old classic kitchen oven or even broom set or vacuum cleaner will work too! The older the girl is, the more advances the set can be.

And remember - baby girl gifts don’t need to be all pink! Think about parent’s preferences: what colors they picked for the room and what is the primary color in baby’s clothes? They may appreciate not reproducing the stereotypes!

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