Best Baby High Chair


Is this time to start introducing solid foods? So it is definitely the right time to get the best baby high chair you can find! I hope you have my How to introduce solid food to your baby guide for all the information about the food. I’m having few thoughts on the high chairs as well.

It’s crucial to have a spot for your little one that is safe your the baby and easy to clean for you! Without the high chair prepare for a gigantic mess to be made. Do what’s most important while looking for the best baby high chair?

Safe and comfortable

Your baby is going to be spending a lot of time in the chair so it should be safe and comfortable - to sit and to use.

There are bigger, standalone chairs that you can sit around your table, or anywhere you need at the time. There are also ones that come with their own tray, and you don’t need to have a counter. Can you have a full-size high chair? Or maybe the best option is the one that can be folded? There are also high chairs that attache to one of your kitchen chairs or the edge of the table - great if you want to use it in different places. Always the first rule is - never buy the cheapest one when it’s about your child’s safety.


There is going to be a lot of displeasure exhibited, so it has to be solid.

It is often a matter of price but not only. Check the used materials, take a look at the stitches at the sitting cushion, see if the plastic is not too soft.

Easy to clean

The mess is inevitable so the chair should be easy to clean.

You can get a basic, plastic model that’s super easy to clean but not always comfortable. The best idea is to find one with a plastic tray, without unnecessary grooves and easy-removable sitting place that you can machine wash. There are seat pads that can be easily wiped too.


You’re going to have if for a long time so it could be well-designed for your pleasure.

In fact, the best baby high chair is not designed for you to like it, it is intended to be useful. But try to pick the one that you’re not going to hate in a week!

Fingers crossed for picking the best baby high chair existing and have a lot of fun using it!

Susan Urban