Digital Baby Monitor Tips

Digital baby monitor - how to choose the best one?


For the new parents, a baby monitor can help get better sleep at night. It detects when a baby cries without you regularly checking it yourself. You can have a good sleep and still make sure you are a good parent. This little tool is just standing there and waiting… At first, all of the special functions may seem useful and worth paying for. But let’s take a deep breath and have a look at basic features and most useful gadgets.

Do you need one?

It is amazingly useful, but it is not a must-have. It always depends on your situation and living conditions - if you have a small studio with the crib in the corner of having a 3-floor villa with huge garden. I guess somewhere in between, but you see the point now. If you have a quiet life in a small apartment you may not need the baby monitor; you will just hear if your little one needs you.

Why digital baby monitor?

The signal is encoded between the transmitter and the receiver, so there is no risk of cross-signaling. You may also consider wireless, but you need to have a good internet connection, and this may be a problem sometimes (on vacation or out of town).

Is audio enough?

Most of the time - it is enough. But with video, you’ll immediately know if the baby is already awake. It is also worth considering having more than one baby, especially in one room.

Is sound-activated light necessary?

It flashes when it detects noise, so you can keep track of your baby while talking on the phone, having friends over or listening to music. It is not the first need but nice to have.

Do you want a belt clip?

Back to the size of your house. The main point of using digital baby monitor is to have it by your side. If you’re going to use it every evening walking around the house, without the belt clip, you’ll leave the tool in one place and forget. With a belt clip, you have your hands free but also your mind!

Talk-back or at least lullaby?

There is a chance that talking to your baby through the monitor may calm the little crier, but it is a question of luck if you’re baby is going to react to that. The other option is a monitor with a little audio-player inside and a few lullabies recorded. The music may work sometimes. But let’s face it - crying baby wants to see mommy, not hear the distorted voice.

The digital baby monitor may also be good for you and your sanity! It’s good to have one before sleep training - not to get into to the room when the baby is learning how to self-soothe. If you want to sleep train with a gentle method - pick mine Hold With Love one, from How to teach a baby how to sleep alone guide. Good luck!

Susan Urban