Sleep Training Check-list


In fact, if you want to start sleep training, you just need a bit of time and a baby of course. Although some things may help you out a bit. What is good to have? Let’s see…


Blackout curtains

Make sure you have those in the room you’d like the baby to sleep. It is easier for most babies to get into a deep sleep when the room is darkened entirely. This will also help with naps when it is not dark outside, and you want your little one to go to sleep.


Comfortable crib

If the baby likes the crib - you’re halfway there! I’m not saying you need one of those fancy, expensive designer’s cradles; not at all. Just a cozy one. Make sure the size is perfect, and it is totally safe for the baby to stay in there alone.


Favorite blanket

It is not a secret - favorite blankets are a thing. Everyone had one, some of the grandparents probably still have them to embarrass you someday! Provide one to your baby. This kind of comfort means a lot during sleep training. It doesn’t matter if it is not the most beautiful one you’ve got, or it’s a bit worn-out; it only matters that it is „the one”.


Baby monitor

This tool is not exactly necessary, but it is good to have for your own sanity! Don’t go to check on the baby every 5 minutes, with the monitor you can see if the baby is sleeping and stay calm. You can have one with just voices or the full package with a video camera - whatever works for you.


Free weekend

The sleep training will take a while. If you use the HWL method this should be fast, but still at least a few days. You need to be prepared for being not exactly well rested at the beginning. But it is totally worth it!


If you haven’t decided yet - read the ‚How to teach a baby how to sleep alone’ guide and see for yourself - it seems pretty easy. I wish you good luck and quick results!

Susan Urban


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