Breastfeeding Myths After C-Section

Regardless if you have your C Section planned or it happened unexpectedly - you can breastfeed. There are plenty of myths about C-Section birth-giving and breastfeeding. Luckily - most of them are just myths!


First breastfeeding

If only your are fine and there are no other indicators - your first breastfeeding should take place soon after the delivery. You may suffer some pain, but the hormones will take care of it. You should lay down for a while, but with just a little help - you can breastfeed.



Given that you may be a delicate person, there is a position that you should like. It’s called „Football hold position”. You should lay the baby on a cushion so that their face is in front of the breast and the rest of their body is cuddled to your side. Depending on your and your baby’s size - legs should be under your armpits or behind your back.


Milk Supply

Some may say that having a C-Section may affect your milk supply. This should not be true. But if you want to be sure, you’ve made everything you can - I have some tips for you. The easiest way to increase milk production is… hugging! Seriously, physical contact with the baby may positively influence the milk production.



If you’ve been given antibiotics, it might increase your baby’s chances of getting a yeast infection. You can help prevent infections by taking a probiotic or taking good care of sterilizing your tools.

If you’d even liked to extend your knowledge on breastfeeding - my „How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy” guide should answer all of your questions. I believe that no matter how you give birth, you can still be happy, breastfeeding mom, and you should believe that too!

Susan Urban

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