September Babies - 5 Fun Facts


There are some beliefs about September babies. Some are based on superstitions, others on statistics. True or not - if you’re expecting soon, you may want to read it, at least for fun.


The most popular month

It is said to be the most popular month to give birth. This may be related to the time of conceiving - long, cold, boring winter time. Prepare for packed hospitals and busy midwives! You need to be well prepared. Although this statistic is current for more than a decade now, so they should be used to it; don’t panic.


Taller than others

There is some chance for your baby to become taller than average. There is no explanation for that, it just happens. On the other hand - don’t plan basketball career for the newborn yet, it’s still just statistics!


Pretty sporty

If you decide on the sports career for your offspring - this may get spectacular at some point. September babies are pretty good at sports. However, talent is not always paired with willingness so you should probably step back and wait a few years for the final decision.


More prone to allergies

There is also bad news. Allergies seem to attack September babies more than average. This may be related that the labor happens when no allergens are active, and baby doesn’t develop immunity right away. Or just a moon phases…


Less likely to get in trouble

Another consoling statistic - you should not worry a lot. Your baby won’t get into trouble easily. First, when it comes to being a good student up to adulthood - less September people go to jail.

So observe if any of those are true and let me know!

By the way - if you’re expecting any day now - it is the perfect time to read ‚How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy’ guide and prepare for the job. I bet you will have a beautiful adventure with your September baby!

Susan Urban

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