What Is a Doula And If Do You Need One?

What is a doula? Do you mean midwife of not? Is this just a new trend? Or maybe it’s old, and you just missed out on it?


What is a doula?

In simple words, it’s a birth-companion and supporter, not a midwife. It’s mostly non-medical person, she can have a medical education, but it is not crucial. The important thing is the motherhood experience. The doula will tell you everything you need to know about birth-giving, she can also help you with breastfeeding for the first time.

Hiring a doula becomes more and more popular these days, but the idea is not innovatory at all. There were always women assisting another woman in labor - mothers, grandmothers, aunts… Professionalisation in this specialty is progressing since the 60s.


Do you need one?

Now, when you know what a doula is, you can decide if you want to hire one.

No one can tell you if you need this kind of support with your pregnancy. The fact is - doula would be objective, experienced and surely sedate. Not the other hand, you will not have an emotional bond like with your partner or mother.

If you’d like to find one for yourself, there are certain organizations associating doulas. There are also courses (more than a year to graduate) and adequate exams. Make sure your supporter has both: required knowledge and experience. Some women also offer postpartum support and housework assistance; you need to talk about the range of responsibilities at the beginning. Making those decisions in advance is good.

Regardless if you decide on a doula or your best friend’s support - you will need basic education. I promise that ‚How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy’ guide will help you a lot in the first days and weeks. If you decide for doula - she will show you in practice, but you should know what to expect.

Susan Urban

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