Co-sleeping - How to Stop?

There is this time you need to change your baby’s sleeping habits. You may want to stop bed-sharing if you do or just stop co-sleeping with your baby and move the baby to a separate room. This may be difficult to understand for your child.


Co-sleeping VS bed-sharing

What are the most popular family-sleeping models?
Co-sleeping means sleeping close to your child. You can do it in different ways, and bed-sharing is one of those. Essentially it may be in the same bed or just in the same room, in one bed or with baby’s crib nearby.
Most families decide to co-sleep for the first weeks or even months. Some of them - want even more closeness, like bed-sharing.
Bed-sharing may not be the best fit for every family, but it is believed that both parents and babies often get more sleep that way. It undoubtedly saves you time for getting up if the baby wakes up or during night feedings. On the other hand, you need to ensure safety if bed-sharing. Make sure you follow guidelines for safe sleep surfaces and safe sleep sharing.
It is you to make the final decision what is best for your family.


How to make a change?

Whether you want to move the baby from your bed to the crib or move the crib to baby’s own room - HWL method is what may help you. Any change will be hard for your baby. However, if you use a reliable sleep training method - the whole process will be easier for both of you. Hold With Love method gives you specific steps to follow, which makes it easy for you apply the training. The method is developed in the way of giving your child time to accept the change, without a sense of abandonment.

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