3 Potty Training Tips

It is essential to start your potty training at the right moment and also… to make it fun. If your baby will find the method you follow stress-free or even enjoyable, there is a higher chance for quick success for you two! Here are some basics to start with.


1. Choose the right potty

There are some innovatory potties, with lights and sounds or just bizarrely shaped. You may want to buy one of those to encourage your baby or even get one as a gift. Don’t go there! A small child cannot understand why you would tell them to pee into an object looking like a toy. Stay conventional and teach your kid what the potty is and when to use it. Never let them confuse it for a plaything.


2. Potty friends

You can use some help from virtual friends! Buy few books in which the main characters use the potty. You can also use some online materials to do so. If your baby likes those characters, you’re partly winning from the start. Let them be role models and follow their behavior.

3. Praise a lot

You want to create a joyful experience, that is why you need to show your joyous reaction. The baby, in the beginning, may not understand the value of their own comfort. But seeing you happy - makes them happy! Show your baby how happy you are for doing great with potty; praise generously. If you can do it the funny way - it would be even better.

If you want more information on potty training your baby or some practical tips - grab "How to make your child love going potty" guide. The book will tell you how to plan the training, when to initiate it and how to communicate it to the baby. It is time to start your road to success!


Susan Urban

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