Giving Up Pacifier - How to Start?

The longer the baby uses it, the harder weaning will be. There are plenty od pacifier weaning systems, although it is important to pick one that is appropriate for the age, and also seems easy to you and acceptable for the child.

The 3-step approach seems to be most gentle, but it is time-consuming. The secret is you get rid of the pacifier gradually. You can use the radical way, but 3-steps method will save you some crying.


Step one

The first step is eliminating the pacifier during the day. You only let your child use it for naps and the night. Also, it should be used for falling asleep, make sure they don’t use it all night long. Occasionally you can use it for soothing if needed, especially if the baby is younger than 18 months. The point is to create a right association with the pacifier.


Step two

Once you’ve stopped giving your child the pacifier during the day, you should start removing it from their mouth when they fall asleep. A good moment is right after the baby falls asleep. Although you do not put the pacifier away completely but leave it in the crib, so baby can reach it if waken up.


Step three

After about two to three weeks you can go to the next step - completely eliminating using the pacifier. You can use every method you want; there are plenty to choose from. Some methods are more radical than others; some are tricky, some use negotiations (18 months+).

In „How to help your child give up the pacifier” you will find a precise description of different methods and many ideas. It is the only book you need to prepare for the task, without reading multiple guides separately. It is an extremely helpful compilation of 13 proven methods to get rid of the pacifier in one guide. Every technique has the full description, followed by a brief summary, that should help you compare the options. Read, choose a method, and get started! 


Susan Urban

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