Gift Ideas for The Family – Part 2


It’s the second part of gift ideas for the family. Those are meant to be for the entire family, so it is a bit tricky to satisfy a few family members at once. We’ve already shown the first group of ideas: „let’s have some fun together” and now let’s check the „personalization is always fun” list. Here it is:


Personalized family mugs

Mugs with names or drawings of every family member are the cutest. You can order them online or… do it yourself! It will be an even better gift! Think about differencing size of the mugs for kids and parents for the best effect.

Personalized family print

Print or painting made especially for the family is an impressive present too. You will probably need more time to do it or even order. But you may be sure, the gift like this will have an essential place on some wall for a long time!

Family-themed book

A fascinating gift idea for the family would be a book with their names and fun-facts in it. You can order books like this online, giving family names and some facts to appear in the story. The best part is, they can read it together out loud during bedtime routine.

Family photo-session

One of the best gift ideas for the family is a photo session. You can arrange the themed-session of your idea or just buy a voucher for one and let them or the artist decide. It’s the perfect gift for the family of two, three, four… also for the family expecting the new baby. Just try to guarantee the date flexibility.

Also, if the family is expecting a new member, especially the first baby, the pack of my books will be a perfect gift or a gift-addition! They can read guides together just before enlarging the family, planning next steps while impatiently waiting.

I hope you have your gift ideas for the family planned already, as reading the article. Let’s go shopping and have fun!

Susan Urban

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