Gift Ideas for The Family – Part 1


Gift ideas for the family may resolve some of your gift-shopping problems before Christmas! You but just one gift that is meant to be for the entire family. On the other hand - it is a bit tricky to satisfy a few completely different people at once! But let’s give it a try.

We named two groups of ideas: „let’s have some fun together” and „personalization is always fun.” Here is the first one:


Mini movie projector

A movie projector is one great gift idea for the family! It’s definitely something the family is going to use together. Whatever age the kids are - they can watch cartoons, family movies, and even family-event amateur videos of their own. Maybe your friends will announce new tradition, like „Sunday family movie afternoon”? Besides, every family member may use the projector on their own.

Karaoke system

If the family you’re thinking about is musical, think about karaoke system. There are sets of every size - for the family of 4 or even more. You can find a cheap version for computer or game console or full option with the karaoke stand. This kind of family gift will undoubtedly be used not only by them but also during birthday parties (both kinder parties and adults) or even Christmas.

Food processor

If you’re looking for practical gift ideas for the family – here it is. It is perfect for the family with a few-months-old baby since it’s about time to introduce solids to the baby. With the food processor, the family can prepare healthy meals for the youngest family member and themselves. If they also have an older baby – it’s a perfect tool to show that cooking may be fun and colorful!

Buying a food processor, you may add my How to introduce solid foods to your baby and some well-designed cookbook for adults as well.

Attraction voucher

You can also motivate the family to spend some time together, by giving a coupon for some kind of attraction. It may be a mini zoo in their neighborhood or one-time event like circus visiting a town. A little push to go outside may grow from the gift idea for the family to be a fantastic memory!

Do you want more ideas? Let’s see part 2!

Susan Urban

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