Pregnancy New Years Resolutions to Make


Pregnancy New Years Resolutions is the whole another level of New Years Resolutions! You know what the main difference is? You’re acting for two now! And also you’re probably going to have more of free time. So no excuses this time! We have some propositions you should definitely consider.

Get/Stay Fit

I know you may not feel very well, especially at the beginning, but getting (or staying - if you’re lucky!) fit is essential. You should take care of your body and prepare it for the upcoming weight. Think about your back and your legs - carrying a child is going to become intensive training itself!

Try power-walking or some pilates at home. You can take some pregnancy-fitness classes to be sure it is safe for you and the baby. And you’ll make new mommy-friends too!

Also, excessing boosts your inner energy and improves the blood flow.

The more you’re fit during the pregnancy, the easier it’s going to be to get your shape back after birth.

Eat well

Is this your everyday resolutions? It’s time to hold the word finally! A balanced diet will keep your body with a high level of energy, that you need, and ensure your baby has everything that one may need to grow properly. It can also reduce the risk of your baby contracting diseases, and even boost newborn’s brain power!

Don’t try out any new magical pregnancy diets, just balance your meals, having at least five portions of veggies a day. You can also try making smoothies - those colorful drinks help achieving daily intake. Freshly made are the best, but you can freeze those for the whole week!

Rest a lot

The easiest pregnancy New Years Resolution to keep - rest a lot! Your body will let you know when to do that, don’t you fight that! We’re not talking about being lazy here, just listen to your body. If you have a bunch of things planned for the day, but you’re feeling nauseate - just let go. You could also try to learn some relaxation techniques, such as visualization or yoga, especially those concentrating on breathing consciously. That’s going to be really helpful during labor!

Read books

One of the best New Years Resolutions you can make is reading a lot. It’s calming and time-consuming - perfect pregnancy activity. Read all the book that you’ve planned in the past year! Don’t go crazy with What-to-expect books though. Think about reading one pregnancy book, every 2 „normal” ones. Those tine ones count too so you should get the series of my guides. At least „How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy” and „How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone”. Those two will get you prepared for the first challenges! But remember to read a good criminal or romance between them!

Those pregnancy New Years Resolutions will make your waiting time more valuable. Your body and mind will be both better prepared, and you will finally keep some resolutions going!

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Susan Urban