Potty Song, Book, and Video - Is This Really Helpful?


Using potty song or watching a cartoon with characters using potty really may help you with the training! It may sound unbelievable, but it is true. You need to realize that your baby treats imaginary life on a pair with reality. Children love songs so using music to help with potty training will make the experience much more enjoyable and build excitement.

Potty book

Make sure you have books in which the main characters use the potty. You can use the evening reading time to start introducing the concept to the baby. It is best if the book is well-illustrated for your kid to accustom with seeing potty in use and - hopefully - stimulate the need to copy the behavior.

Potty song

There are several songs about using the potty. Singing together is the best option! It will present potty training as fun, and that’s what you need to get a baby on board (and on the potty)! You could learn the song and sing it with the whole family to support.

Potty video

Do you watch cartoons? Potty videos can actually be a huge motivator for training success too. There are videos with just a simple potty using, but you can also find more educational ones, that you may use if tricky questions come up!

At first, you can choose books and songs you like most. But while the training, if you define specific problems, your baby has with going potty - you can adjust your repertoire! There are books about washing hands, and potty songs about going right away, even if you’re busy playing… Whatever you need.

Of course, reading together and singing potty songs won’t be enough to successfully potty train your baby. Use my ‘How to make your child love going potty guide’, for the complete training program you may use.

Good luck and have fun singing!

Susan Urban

Matthew UrbanComment